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Jiangsu shunfeng metallurgical machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Production of heat-resisting, wear-resisting, anti-corrosive special steel professional chemical plant, is a member of China foundry association, ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification unit. The company covers an area of 86000 square meters, the special steel production capacity of 1500 tons, 120 employees, has a medium frequency induction furnace, electric arc furnace and refining furnace, vacuum casting by centrifugal casting, precision casting production line, production line, the bimetal composite casting production line, and equipped with direct reading spectrometer, magnetic particle flaw detector, machining, boring and milling machine and other large and medium-sized equipment. Has formed a set of product research, development, design, production, quality management as one of the complete system.



Sunk roll - smooth surface

Rotary kiln tube

Well type furnace tray diameter 2 meters

Tension roller ø1 m

Effective furnace roller

Ø800 sunk roll

Silicon steel wire radiant tube

W-shaped radiant tube

China's self-developed high-end heat-resistant steel seamless steel pipe replaced the first application
Regenerative gas radiant tube principle
Radiation tube future development trend
Inordertoincreasetheheatingefficiencyoftheradianttube,theshapeoftheradianttubecanbedesignedasa3Dcurveorincreasetheareaoftheradianttubesurface.  Researchonimprovingthethermalefficiencyoftheradianttubea

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